More often than not you may find that your rants are falling on deaf ears. Whether it’s your significant other yessing you to death or your coworkers looking at you like you’re bat-shit crazy, your rants are going unappreciated.

Not here though. Mount Rantmore is place for everyone’s opinions to be voiced, especially ours. Created in 2014, our blog is dedicated to sharing our thoughts, reviews, and pet peeves with the rest of the world. You’ll find articles about sports, booze, pop culture and everything in between. There are no limits and everything is fair game.

As the founding fathers of this blog, Austin, Matt, Jesse, Paris and Tom are looking to stir up interaction between people who share a common ground. Ranting is your birth right and this is where you should do it! After all, if you don’t share your opinions with us, we can’t tell you that they’re wrong.

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