The Gold Nintendo Game

Throwback: Reliving My Favorite Nintendo Games

It's hard to believe that I barely ever find myself playing video games now, especially considering how much enjoyment I used to get from them. Over the course of time I had a good number of systems, starting with Nintendo, then Sega and after that several versions of PlayStation. Each was a little bit better… Continue Reading


Would You Rather, Aussie Edition

In the past on the site we have done a bunch of Hypotheticals which have gone over pretty well. With such classics as 'A 10 for a Day or Amy Schumer for Life' and 'Would You Rather Be Bald or Fat'. Now keeping with such things while drinking this past weekend I came up with… Continue Reading

Collin Farrell True Detective

First Thoughts About HBO’s Summer Lineup

HBO just finished up it's seasons of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Veep. Now they'll be going right into their next set of shows, which all start this Sunday. Those include two news ones -- The Brink and Ballers -- and one returning show, which is True Detective. Despite True Detective being in it's… Continue Reading


Silicon Valley Vs The Big Bang Theory

I know I'm a year behind but I recently came across Silicon Valley on HBO and I was forced to binge watch the first season and a half.  It is the best comedy on television right now (although I hear great things about Veep as well).  Typically I don't go for HBO comedies, they tend… Continue Reading

What Happened to Live Action Children’s Movies? thumbnail

What Happened to Live Action Children’s Movies?

It's possible I'm no longer in the loop when it comes to children's movies, seeing as how my youngest cousins are in college and my nephews are still babies, however it doesn't seem like there are any live action children's movies nowadays.  As a kid I felt like there was a movie out every month… Continue Reading

Skyrim: 4 1/2 Years and Counting thumbnail

Skyrim: 4 1/2 Years and Counting

While I like video games I do not consider myself much of a gamer.  I still don’t have any of the next-gen systems and I’m not sure I will get them (at least not in the near future).  However, occasionally there are games that catch my attention and I become a full blown addict.  Back… Continue Reading

The First Black Mass Trailer Should Have You Excited thumbnail

The First Black Mass Trailer Should Have You Excited

Twice in the past two days someone has told me that I have to watch the new trailer for an upcoming Johnny Depp movie called Black Mass. Usually I ignore these types of suggestions, partially because I'm a douche but mainly because I just forget. In this case, twice in two days and the mention… Continue Reading

What Should We Expect From The Entourage Movie? thumbnail

What Should We Expect From The Entourage Movie?

Honestly, I have no idea what to expect. I can't confidently take a leap of faith that it will be great or that it will be an absolute train wreck, but one thing is for sure; this movie is going to be a box office hit. Before I even watched the trailers, a few thoughts… Continue Reading

Game of Thrones: Gone But Not Forgotten thumbnail

Game of Thrones: Gone But Not Forgotten

If you are not up to date on the series, please, do not read any further.  This article is nothing but spoilers.  This list will completely ruin the show for you if you are not caught up through season 4.  With the disclaimer out of the way it’s time to tackle this list.  Few shows… Continue Reading

Furious 7 Kills At The Box Office thumbnail

Furious 7 Kills At The Box Office

As I've covered before I am a HUGE fan of cheesy, loose plot, mindless action films from the 80's and on. There have been a ton of these to date and one of the most successful/enjoyable franchises of all has been the Fast and the Furious. (Tokyo Drift excluded because that sauce is weak) Furious… Continue Reading

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