The Hottest Women of HGTV / DIY Network

hot women of hgtv

Despite the constant evolution of mankind, two things will always remain true: the curiosity to build things and the appreciation of other attractive people.  After all, these two things keep the advancement of our species intact. If we didn’t like to build things, we wouldn’t be where we are today in terms of technology, medicine, lifestyle, etc. If we weren’t attracted to other humans, we wouldn’t reproduce. Why do I rant on about these two truths? Because HGTV has found a perfect way to combine them in a most pleasant way for the young adult man.

I’m coming to the point in my life where becoming a homeowner is in the foreseeable future. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to be able to construct, enhance, and fix anything in your house. It gives you that great sense of accomplishment – “Hey, I built that. I fixed that. I am a man – hear me roar.” I actually think I proclaimed that exact quote after fixing my first recessed lighting fixture.

As a novice in all things real estate & construction, I did what came naturally to me. I took a nice comfortable seat on the couch and started surfing the TV until I found the uncovered gem known as HGTV. This channel has it all – shows about flipping houses, finding your first home, the most luxurious homes on the planet, crazy construction projects, DIY advice, and more. I was not only blown away by the wealth of information on this network, but the entertainment value was breathtaking. Let me show you what I’m talking about:

The 7 Hottest Women (& Shows) on HGTV / DIY Network

I expected to see a bunch of grunt men hammering nails into wooden steps, but instead I discovered there are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and brilliant women who host amazing shows. Without further ado, the top 7:

NOTE: We have updated the list to include an 8th member (ranked 2A).

7. Hilary Farr (Love It or List It)

hilary farr hot

About Hilary Farr:

Hilary Farr is an international home designer who runs her own design company, Hilary Farr Design. She was born in Canada but raised in London – so she has an accent that could make a wolverine purr. Not only does she sport a rocking body and a keen eye for design, but Hilary is also currently worth approximately $7 million dollars. She is currently 52 years old but is absolutely gorgeous for any age.

About Love It or List It:

Love it or List It is a show on HGTV where couples have the tough decision of renovating their home or moving elsewhere. The show is a competition where Hilary redesigns the home based on a certain budget, while a real estate agent (David) attempts to find the couple a different house available on the market. Hilary incorporates some amazing designs and the final choice is usually a gut-wrenching decision. It’s an incredible show in the fact that you can see how much value you can add to your home by investing & upgrading certain spaces – a great watch if going through a similar situation.

hilary farr beautiful

hilary farr love it or list it

hilary farr hgtv

6. Egypt Sherrod (Property Virgins)

egypt sherrod property virgins

About Egypt Sherrod:

Egypt Sherrod is one of those driven women who just gets it done. She is a television and radio personality as well as the host of Property Virgins on HGTV. She is also an Atlanta based realtor and founder of The Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group. She is a profound author and speaker, who is driven by success. Egypt was born in Philadelphia and is currently 37 years old.

About Property Virgins:

Property Virgins is a show on the HGTV Network where the title exactly describes what you’d expect to find. Couples explore the marketplace as first time homeowners and have to make a decision on where they will settle their first nest as a family.  The great thing about this show is it can help the first time buyers in the audience in terms of what to expect when house-hunting, the process, and realistic guidelines. It’s a fantastic show if you’re about to explore buying your first home.

egypt sherrod hot

egypt sherrod hgtv

egypt sherrod sexy

egypt sherrod body

5. Nicole Curtis (Rehab Addict)

nicole curtis hgtv diy network

About Nicole Curtis:

Nicole Curtis is the host of the HGTV show Rehab Addict; the most impressive thing about Nicole, besides her angelic face, is the fact that she is a self-taught home renovator. She also is obsessed with preserving old architecture compared to completely starting from scratch. She is the owner of Nicole Curtis Design, was born in Michigan, did not graduate from college, and is 38 years old. Absolute smoke show.

About Rehab Addict:

Rehab Addict is a show on the DIY Network where Nicole rehabs very old and disgusting homes.  She completely preserves houses that probably should be demolished by renovating them into magnificent pieces of architecture.  The thing I love about this show is that Nicole doesn’t just strategize from behind-the-scenes…she rolls up her sleeves and takes on some of the manual construction work with her own two hands (i.e. – demolishing walls with a sledgehammer). If you’re interesting in learning more about renovation & putting your home through rehab, check out this show.

nicole curtis rehab addict

nicole curtis bikini

nicole curtis hot glasses

nicole curtis beautiful

4. Sabrina Soto (The High Low Project)

sabrina soto the high low project

About Sabrina Soto:

Sabrina Soto is the host of The High Low Project on the DIY Network. She is regarded as one of the top lifestyle experts in the world and her resume does not disappoint: Elle Decor, People, Time Magazine, InStyle, Esquire, Variety, Better Homes and Gardens, Latina, USA Today and The New York Post are just a few companies she has done work for.  This Cuban hottie was born in the USA  and knows how to make any budget work.

About The High Low Project:

The High Low Project is a home-makeover series in which high-end designs are mimicked for a fraction of the cost. Sabrina can take the lowest of budgets and turn your space / furniture into luxurious entities. This show is great if you have a limited budget but really want to enhance the atmosphere of your house – you can find amazing tips from Sabrina in every episode!

sabrina soto hgtv

sabrina soto hot

sabrina soto straight hair

sabrina soto boobs

3. Danielle Bryk (A Bryk At a Time)

danielle bryk hot

About Danielle Bryk:

Danielle Bryk is the host of the DIY Network show A Bryk At a Time. She is also a wife, mother, and master renovator. She is mostly known for her expert interior design skills. Danielle is a Tornoto native who knows her way around a tool box! All I know is she is a gorgeous woman who is making serious moves in the home improvement arena.

About A Bryk At a Time:

A Bryk At a Time is a show on the DIY Network where we follow Danielle in her journey on several home improvement projects. She is a master renovator and contractor that takes on the toughest reconstruction projects. This show is a great watch for those wishing to better understand remodeling projects, as well as seeing what it really takes to stay in budget. Beautiful before and after results!

danielle bryk butt

danielle bryk hgtv

danielle bryk a bryk at a time

danielle bryk diy network

2. Alison Victoria (Kitchen Crashers)

hgtv alison victoria

About Alison Victoria:

Alison Victoria is an American interior designer turned kitchen redesign juggernaut. She began designing at the age of 10 and hasn’t looked back since. She has had many successes in her home construction career including her role as the Creative Director of the Silverton Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. She hosts Kitchen Crashers on HGTV and owns her own interior design firm.

About Kitchen Crashers:

Kitchen Crashers is a show where Alison and her team pick up weekend warriors at local home improvement stores and surprises them by helping them redesign their kitchen! Homeowners hand over the keys, and what started as a simple shopping trip turns into the coolest kitchen on the block. As we all know, the kitchen is where the money is and is the “heart of your home”. This show provides awesome insights on how you can renovate your kitchen for a more stylish and modern look.

alison victoria kitchen crashers

alison victoria hot

alison victoria beautiful

alison victoria boobs

alison victoria bikini

alison victoria crossfit

2A . Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper)

joanna gaines fixer upper

About Joanna Gaines:

Joanna Gaines is the co-host of the popular TV show “Fixer Upper”, where she works with her husband chip to help remodel outdated homes. She graduated from Baylor Univeristy and went on to open a successful home accessories store. With a knack for design & real estate, she eventually expanded her store into a full real estate fleet, including a real estate company, construction company, design firm and more!

About Fixer Upper

Like many of the other HGTV shows included in this list, Fixer Upper is a TV series dedicated to remodeling and redesigning old homes and buildings into beautiful pieces of property. She works directly with her husband Chip (a real estate guru) making the couple a deadly duo for real estate transformation. The Gaines power couple works with home buyers to explore options around purchasing home with the intent to fully renovate. The before and afters from this show will blow your mind!




joanna gaines hgtv


1. Christina El Moussa (Flip or Flop)

 christina el moussa hgtv

About Christina El Moussa:

Christina El Moussa is a real estate agent / interior designer turned house flipper with her husband in the California area. She is a wife, a mom, a talented interior designer with amazing vision for reconstruction, and she is a drop-dead hottie. Christina was born in the USA, is currently 30 years old and is dominating the house flipping industry in CA.

About Flip or Flop:

Flip or Flop is a fun home renovation show where two ex-real estate agents purchase cheap homes (foreclosures, fixer uppers, etc.), reconstruct / redesign / enhance them, and sell them for a profit. The show is absolutely amazing and is an eye-opener to how having a vision can generate incredible results. You see some of these houses they purchase and you swear there is no way they can flip them for a profit. I love this show because it combines a keen business sense, real estate knowledge, design / construction, and oh yeah – it has the ultimate hottie in Christina El Moussa.

christina el moussa hot

christina el moussa bikini

christina el moussa sexy feet

christina el moussa body

christina el moussa flip or flop

christina el moussa smile

So from all of us here at Mount Rantmore, a big thank you to HGTV for showing us how to buy, invest, build and design, while keeping our full attention with these beautiful & smart ladies!

Any other HGTV hotties that we missed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them as honorable mentions.

  • davebarnes
    • Austin

      Solid additions, Dave. I’d put them in the honorable mention list. Somehow, I also missed the lovely Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper on HGTV. She should be in the top 7!

      • Kevin

        Joanna Gaines is definitely hotter than Hilary Farr by a long shot!!!

        • Just Sayin

          Agree, Hilary is cute, not hot. Joanna Gaines is very exotic!

          • nocturnal

            100% agree !!

        • Austin

          Agreed guys – I dropped the ball here. I forgot about this show when doing the list :)

          • Kevin

            Austin, you also forgot about Anitra Mecadon from the show “Mega Dens” when you were making out this list.

          • HyperVyper

            Yeah, she’s definitely a babe. Although, her name sounds like a monster from a Godzilla movie. 😉

          • anono

            yeah not a systematic approach to find candidates

          • BluePotion

            Was it a test or something? Isnt it who he finds hot?

        • nocturnal

          I 100% agree !! 😉

        • BluePotion

          Well Hilary is 62 and honestly if she were Joanna’s age she would be hotter. Of course most of you guys don’t find Hilary hot. Most Men want a girl fresh out of college. Its us that have to settle for the older dudes who are willing to take us past the age of 30. I find Harrison Ford hot in his 70’s.

      • nocturnal

        100% agree !! 😉

  • Leonidas

    Nicole Curtis gives me a raging boner, I would rank her #2; 5 is too far off. I would donate $100K, my left kidney, and my bone marrow to see her make out with Christina.

    • Xerxes

      I agree. Nicole should be #2. She is nr 1 in my book though :)

    • Dee

      Does anyone think if Christina of Flip or Flop is attracted to young 18, 19, 20, 21 year old woman sexually ???? She is most definitely high maintenance sexually, attention, money .just being taken care of all the way. EXTREMELY HIGH MAINTENCE.

  • Kiki

    The “bikini selfie” that you posted under Christina El Moussa is actually Aaryn Gries – the Big Brother contestant who stirred up racial controversy a couple of years ago. Ups!

    Nicole Curtis is my favorite. It’s hard not to like someone who is so passionate about what they do, on top of being gorgeous.

    • Austin

      Thanks Kiki! We’ll be sure to update that picture. I agree with you about Nicole – she, in my opinion, is probably the most talented as well as passionate.

    • Chris S

      The bikini selfie in the closet? That is her, I saw it on her instigram account or Facebook one.

    • Esme S

      Nicole looks like a little rat and has no boobs. Her too long ratty hair is ridic.

  • joey

    house of bryan’s wife, def #2 on the list

    • Austin

      Just looked her up Joey, definitely worthy of being on the list but I would say 5-7…not close to the top 3 I have listed (plus Joanna Gaines), imo. Thanks for sharing though – it seems I have not hit all of the TV shows available on HGTV and need to make some updates to the list.

    • TaMpA_bLaCk

      idk about #2 but she is hotter than a lot on here!

    • Harold Daniels

      yeah Chris looks like a cartoon character.

    • Sarah follower

      I agree how she is not on the list I am at a loss,

  • mangelo

    I nominate Sandra Rinomato (the original host of Property Virgins) and Sara Bendrick (host of I Hate My Yard) for this list.

    • boece

      Yea one time my father-in-law was watching that show with us years ago and commented “Hey look she has butt cheeks up high there!” which made all of us laugh. Apparently it’s OK to talk about nice cleavage when you make a joke about it. :)

  • redcoalcarpet

    Hillary Farr??? Try Jillian Harris from Love it or List it Too?

    • TaMpA_bLaCk

      She should be on the list for sure

    • BluePotion

      Jillian Harris is too annoying with that voice. I much prefer the elegant and hot Hillary. I think it is her age you have issue with right?

  • Cootys Rat Semen

    I’d love to get Christina alone in a vacant house, if you know what I mean…

    • Dick

      You would have to get on a very long line. There are Mary tongues drooling for that, that’s for sure.

  • Robert Vance

    Hilary Farr is not 52; she is 62, making her all the more incredible. She was in a few movies in the 1970s as an actress.

    • BluePotion

      I thought so! It does make her even more amazing. She is my favorite overall on this list.

  • MadMen

    Christina, best looking woman on the channel period. Good height, great body, sparkling smile, great dresser, and fantastic attitude.

    A mans dream.

    • trixietimez

      Yeah because that’s so important when it comes to working on a house. lol

      • Chris S

        What house???

    • Dayle L. 50

      Yep! I am a straight female and I couldn’t agree more with you, I started watching the show just because I thought she was so pretty and I love’d seeing what she wore! Lol! Now I watch the show because I like the show and because she’s adorable.

      • Dick

        It most definitely sounds like you like her and I do mean like her.I believe you would definitely have hot and passionate sex with christina. I believe you would become sexually seduce beyond your control by Christina. I would love to see you DB Lindsey and christina together sexually.

        • DBLindsey

          Lol! Well you can always fantasize. 😉

          • Dick

            I can definitely see Christina Elmoussa slowly and sexually seducing you DB Lindsey as you weaken to her sexual demand as Christina is slowly and gently raising your short skirt exposing you in just your petite little delicate nylon panties and your nylon panty hose. Watch you DB Llindsey succumb to this young hot and beauriful blonde women of Flip or Flop.

          • DBLindsey

            I don’t wear panty hose.

          • Dick

            You would no longer be wearing panties with Christina grinding into you Lol !!

            By the way do you trim your pubies ??

          • Megan

            If not Christina will be only to glad to trim them for you Lol !!

          • Christina elmoussa

            Do you like me DB Linsey ???????

          • Christina to DBLindsey


          • DB Lindsey to Christina

            You make me throb watching you on flip or flop. Especially when you wear tight jeans surge the holes and t h e short skirts as well Christina.

          • Dee


          • Megann



            18 or 19 year old teenage girl just out of high school.

          • Tanya

            I’m definitely interested in Christina. I’m 18 and just out of school.

    • Chris S

      Yes, she is smoking hot. My fiancé and I both think so! She’s the only reason I get on Instagram

      • Dick

        I could see your girl friend hooking up with christina sexually . After all most women would not refuse having sex with christina.. she is thee ultimate turn on.

    • DONNIE

      Most beautiful lady on all TV!!

    • Crookid

      She’s cute but too much makeup in my opinion. I love her lisp though.

  • nocturnal

    What about Joanna Gaines ? Isn’t she in here somewhere?

    • Dayle L. 50

      I agree Joanna Gaines is absolutely adorable and should tie for first place!

      • rose geoman


        • Lacey Dadrey

          I don’t agree. Egypt Sherri should be in the top three and Danielle Bryk should be on the bottom of the list.

          • TheFreakyRobber

            I agree. Egypt Sherrod is top 3.

      • DONNIE

        No Way!!

    • rose geoman


    • Teacher_in_Tejas

      Agreed, Joanna is smoking hot and sexy.

    • BaltimoreAndOhioRR

      yes, she is #2A

    • Lacey Dadrey

      Did you look? She is on the list?

    • GaryG

      she is

    • simp

      She’s number 2, how did you guys miss her?

  • Joslyn

    Christina El Moussa is not an interior designer. She’s only a real estate agent who combines colors and materials. Actual interior designers do SO much more work than what she does.

    • TaMpA_bLaCk

      True, but she does help with cleaning/demolishing out disaster houses & she turns a gutted house into something very nice with her ideas on what it should look like

    • BluePotion

      Well She is very sucessful without being one. Good for her.

    • Tanya

      In addition she also gives guys a huge boner and women get wet between there legs and there nipples get hard….

      • Megan

        She definitely got me really wet when I see her wearing her sexy clothes. My private a throbs for Christina.

        • Tanya

          I love to eat christina out listening to the her screams out of pleasure as she cum’s into my mouth.swallowing all of christina’s love juice.

  • trixietimez

    wow… how sad the way HGTV has gone… if you weigh over 102 lbs, you’re not welcome. I miss the old hosts.

    • Harbourcay

      OK Trixie, you have posted enough jealous posts, put down the box of bon bons and post something nice

  • Dan Miller

    Masters of Flip. I don’t know their names but the guys wife is pretty hot.

  • boece

    Yea HGTV knows exactly what it’s doing. Being honest with ourselves if Christina wasn’t on “Flip or Flop” it wouldn’t have been nearly as much of a hit. Tarek’s a nice enough guy and carries himself pretty well for TV, but without the hottie, super-cute bottled blonde fitness bunny boob job wife we wouldn’t be watching it. There have been and are PLENTY of flipping shows on various networks but with the possible exception of “Flipping Out” on Bravo – the one with flipper Jeff who keeps getting his lips plumped – and maybe “Flip this House” with a rotating cast of flippers (the most irritating being the ego-maniacal douche Armando Montelongo) none have quite found the same vibe as “Flip or Flop.” I do kind of like how they flip in markets where housing is actually hot and find “diamonds in the rough” that they can turn around and flip for a decent profit. They also don’t avoid the reality that some of the flipped properties just don’t sell. I assume here and there they’ve lost money or barely squeeked out a profit but it just seems like they way they are doing it is more viable. It’s not that interesting to flip houses in Vegas or San Antonio or Phoenix where yea the costs are lower but the profits are thinner. Though the base home prices are higher – say $350-$550K, minimum, vs. $100-$250K for the rest of the country – the profit potential seems much greater. I guess it’s all relative to whatever market you decide to do business in but I still like the idea of profiting $50-$90K per house vs. $10-$25K, though the risks are completely different.

    • Josh

      This hottie from the other “Love It Or List It”
      ……and Jennie from “Flipping Out” is A major hottie also…..

    • Briandrum

      Errrr….Christina does not have fake boobs.

  • rose geoman

    I’m truly disappointed with you guys! I was expecting Joanna Gaines to be #1 but her name was not even included. Her show should even be on top of you list as it has variety with phusband and her children. Very professional when presenting the improvement plans to clients!! I need your answer.

    • BluePotion

      I love Joanna but she isnt sexy enough to be number 1 on this list. She is stunning in a more conservative natural way which I prefer.

  • Mars Blackman

    the woman from flip or flop is cross eyed….she and the botox chick from Love It is on the list over Joanne Gaines…stop it…

    • BluePotion

      If you think they dont all do botox you are naive. Hilary is 62 Id like to see you look that good at 50.

    • BluePotion

      We should all look as good as Hilary at 62. And they all most likey do botox.

  • Essino Dub

    Joanna Gaines is hella sexy

  • Jaquio

    Why is Egypt the only one not mentioned for her body? There is no way you can say Hilary has a more rocking body than Egypt. Hilary is very sexy, but as far as the assets go, Egypt beats all of these hands down. Sabrina is a close second as far as the assets go.

  • Professor Terguson

    Egypt’s body is so smokin hot and Nicole Curtis with those glasses….good lord how cute. I’m fine with just those two.

  • Anthony

    I would do despicable things to stina

  • Jon.R

    Christina El Moussa = Super Fine!

    • Ed

      Super fine is putting it mildly. Christina promises is a one very super hot sexy women !!

      • Dick

        Christina s by afar theme hottest women and a complete turn on to most men and yes most women.

  • bhockey47

    No doubt Christina is gorgeous with a killer body but Joanna’s adorable personality and looks puts her ahead of the class

  • ChecMark

    Although a relatively new host I would include Kate Campbell. She’s a doll and always has a huge smile. There’s nothing sexier than a great looking woman who knows her way around tools.

  • joe

    How come Amy Matthews is not in the mix, at least top 5

  • Megan

    Does anyone think that there is the possibility of Christina could really get it on with one of the hottie from HGTV??? I would not mind try I my it with flip or flop hottie ( Christina)

  • Spock

    “One Bryk At A Time” was a great show. Danielle Bryk, had good design instincts and a warm heart for her clients. She’s a doll. However, the show isn’t being aired in the US at this time. Her husband is an actor making a few appearances from time to time. I also watch Joanna Gaines because her design instincts are excellent. Alison Victoria does a great job on her kitchen remodels and she has a funny personality! Kitchen crashers is a good show.

  • Matthew Torchiana

    Don’t forget Genevieve Gorder. She is articulate, creative and just plain sexy. Also, Hilary Farr from Love Or List It is the total package. Sexy, talented, and is a woman who seems to have her own imagination. She also seems to be self assured, and a touch bit assertive. There is nothing wrong with that.

  • zero_kool81

    Christina is a cunt

    • Heidi

      I bet she knows how to use it on en or woman.

      • zero_kool81


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