Brooklyn Decker: Does She Or Doesn’t She

Do you ever find yourself looking at a celebrity and wonder if she does in fact return the favor? Of course you do, we all do and in this article we help answer those questions. This is our weekly dive into which celebrities do or don’t reciprocate the love. Note: There is no factual evidence behind any of our statements, just deluded opinions based off wild assumptions for your pleasure.

Brookly Decker

Brooklyn Decker boobs

Matt: NO! Is it just me or is Brooklyn Decker just boring. Watching her interviews and looking at her instagram just don’t entertain me. Boring girls don’t return the favor. Plus Andy Roddick seems like the kind of guy that can go without BJs, no idea why I think that.

Austin: YES! Look, there’s a million beautiful female models that don’t make it as big as Brooklyn did. I’m not saying she sucked her way to the top but I am saying that at the beginning of her career, I’m sure a sleezy photographer presented her with extra benefits if she’d, well…you know. And I’m sure she was hesitant at first, until she realized that she liked it. Returning the favor…that my friends, is why Brooklyn Decker is now a household name.

Paris: YES! The reason I’m going with yes here is because ever since Brooklyn met her now husband Andy Roddick in 2007, Andy has only managed to win one tennis title. You want to know why? Cause Brooklyn was doing the damn thing in the bedroom and he was too depleted to win any tennis tournaments, that’s why.

Jesse: YES! Brooklyn “the pecker-wrecker” Decker may be a supermodel but she’s also proved that she’s a regular every-day chick (see her instagram). You know what regular every-day chicks do, they return the favor because they can’t fall back on their ridiculous body when things go awry. If she’s pretending on instagram, you know she’s doing the same thing in her every day life and thus returns the favor.

I leave you with this Brooklyn Decker quote that I’ve masterfully tampered with to prove my point; “I have zero hand-eye coordination – zero…but I’m really strong and I have really good endurance so I can go forever”. No way she was talking about sports there!

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Brooklyn Decker hot

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