Does She or Doesn’t She: Maria Sharapova

Do you ever find yourself looking at a celebrity and wonder if she does in fact return the favor? Of course you do, we all do and in this article we help answer those questions. This is our weekly dive into which celebrities do or don’t reciprocate the love. Note: There is no factual evidence behind any of our statements, just deluded opinions based off wild assumptions for your pleasure.

Maria Sharapova


Maria Sharapova is one of tennis’ most recognizable figures, taking over for Anna Kournikova as the de facto blonde Russian bombshell.  Unlike Kournikova however, Maria has had great success in the sport of tennis.  She has 5 Grand Slam titles under her belt, tens of millions of dollars in career tour earnings as well as countless more in endorsements and would probably have more if not for Serena Williams.  She can return a serve but does she return the favor?

Jesse: Yes! Maria is used to a lot of back and forth on the court and she gives that same reciprocation in the bedroom. You throw some stuff at her, she throws some stuff at you and no one yells ace. Sounds like an all-around good time to me.

Paris: Yes! There is a saying that blondes have more fun, and in this case I believe it’s true. Maria is an elite athlete who can dominate her opponents on the court, sometimes even Serena. With all that intensity while she is at “work” I bet it leads to her needing to blow off steam in her personal life…get it blow off steam. I would bet Maria is very sexual and adventurous in the bedroom, so whoever the lucky guy  is that is getting it on with Miss Sharapova I tip my hat to you sir.

Tom: Yes! Maris Sharapova is a winner.  She’s a champion, she’s been the best in the world.  She’s bigger and stronger than most people.  As a result, she loves being in control, heck, she needs to be in control.  She returns the favor, not because she feels generous or it’s something she enjoys doing but because she is in control of the situation at that point.  She likes being in control because she’s a winner and needs to dominate every situation she’s in.








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