The Sneaky Hot Women of Fox News

While channel surfing over the weekend I stumbled across the show The Kelly File which is on Fox News and is hosted by Megyn Kelly. I honestly don’t watch the news on TV and could care less about what they were talking about on the show, the only reason I stopped was because Megyn Kelly was looking pretty damn good. After watching her on mute for a good 10 minutes I decided to use Google to see if she was just having a good day on TV or is she actually that hot. I came to find out that she is definitely sneaky hot compared to your average news anchors. In the midst of me getting to the computer and researching the show on the channel changed from The Kelly File and went into Fox & Friends. On Fox & Friends hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Heather Childers are both fantastic looking which got me wondering what other hotties Fox News has in their arsenal. It seems like the big wigs over at Fox have the right idea because 90% of the women they hire are above average looking. It’s like the only qualifications to be hired by Fox News are 1) can you read and 2) do you look good in a mini skirt. At this point it really doesn’t matter what is being said on the news, if you’re bored and want to see some above average looking women with their legs out jump over to Fox News and enjoy.

Maria Molina – Fox News Weather

maria molina weather girl

maria molina sexy

Kimberly Guilfoyle – The Five

kimberly guilfoyle hot fox news

kimberly guilfoyle celevage

kimberly guilfoyle hot

 Andrea Tantaros – The Five

andrea fox news

andrea tantaros sexy

Jenna Lee – Happening Now

kenna lee fox news

lee jenna cute

jenna lee fox news legs

Ainsley Earhardt – Fox & Friends

ainsley earhardt sexy

ainsley earhardt hot fox news

ainsley earhardt fox news

ainsley earhardt sexy legs

fox news ainsley earhardt

Anna Kooiman

anna kooiman fox news

anna kooiman fox

anna kooiman fox bikini

Courtney Friel

fox news courtney friel

courtney-friel sexy

courtney-friel hot

courtney friel fox news hot

courtney friel fox news

Megyn Kelly – The Kelly File

Kelly-Megyn GQ

kelly megyn black dress

megyn kelly gq sexy

kelly megyn gq couch

hot fox news anchors

  • Lrb

    Loving it !!!

  • Me

    It figures.

  • jpowers55

    Fox News is soft core porn. Make those women wear pants and their ratings are cut in half… maybe %25.

    • Austin

      Valid point – goes to show that the old “Sex Sells” philosophy still holds true.

    • David

      Soft Porn would be Tits hanging out. They just show off LEGS. The longer the better.

    • isight88

      You must belong to GLAAD….

  • David

    Keep the Legs coming fox.

  • joecool1

    Nothing beats intellect. These are BRIGHT ladies, who happen to be gorgeous!

    • shocbomb

      add onto the list blowing Roger Ailes

  • Buff

    The GQ photo is Brooklyn Decker.

  • Bill Pfefferle


  • Ba’al

    Long legs, nice tits and a great ass beat intellect any day of the week. That these women are also smart is just a bonus.

    • isight88

      You got that right!

    • enlightened11

      Screw any intelligence.
      They’re only good for a fuck

    • shocbomb

      You left out and blowing Roger Ailes

      • Scot Parrish

        I wonder how many, and which ones? Bet you bottom dollar Fox is not the only media magnet for babes willing to do whatever to get the big bucks and the exposure. Talent, political knowledge, and good news perceptions/questions and interview skills, etc., should be all that’s needed. But looks get ratings gets bucks. What if Fabio-guys were all that qualified for these news commentary shows, instead of a Lou Dobbs or a Hannity? Boring!

  • shatzy48

    This is why MSNBC is going nowhere!

    • isight88

      Yeah,who wants to look at Rachel Maddow

      • shatzy48

        Depends which way you swing.

        • isight88

          So you rather look at Barney Frank?

  • dmm1047

    Yup, at FOX, the ladies have to be HOT, have great legs, be tanned and wear short dresses. Make me wonder just how closely Roger Ailes runs the place.

    • RogersGuy

      Greta is also there for her intellect and experience, what’s your point?

  • David Dean

    Kudos to Fox News for showing women can be intelligent, beautiful, and sexy and that none of these traits are mutually exclusive.

  • Carmelo Junior

    Not only white women. There are also some women of other races there that are hot as hell.

    • Paris

      I agree, we love ALL women here. Maybe we’ll look into a Vol. 2 on this to add some of the new ladies into the fold.

  • Jay Kmonk

    Nearly all of them have a law degree.

  • Awadira

    Wow that last picture of Megan Kelly, smoking hot. Where is Shannon Bream?

    • Scot Parrish

      She is NOT MK — she has a different nose and a better and younger body and boobage and skin. Bluer eyes. Someone does this switcheroo stuff here and there, for some reason. Sort of “fake news” for ratings or something. Catering to fantasies, I guess. Today’s Internet is the Wild West for pseudo truth.

  • Bob

    What a great way to watch the news. Thank you Fox

  • Raul Fender

    Say whatever you want about FOX News. They are masters of seduction

    • Scot Parrish

      Maybe they can win over to the conservative side some feminists of the female parts-wearing Women’s March protester type (Hillary-ites and Obama-ites) by hiring some Fabio and Clooney types to croon the news to them! Such a cynical approach to viewership should work on women, too. Just make them feel good with smiling hunks, who also have intelligence and conviction — which also is perceptible and is what really makes Fox babes likeable. Quality women, most. By Megyn, you skinny sell-out!

  • shocbomb

    Weill it actually looks like now nothing beats blowing him under the table or lifting up the skirt and bending over the desk for Roger Ailes : )

  • Jerry Dunford

    I love hearing the losers complain about the beautiful, well dressed, leggy, attractive, smart, well mannered women that FOX has hired and pay’s very well to be newscasters, weather ladies, and to bring the most honest and fair news to America each day. If you go to ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, you get LIARS sch as Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, or Joe Scarborough, Al Sharpton or the many other GAY, LIBERAL, LIARS. So, only a Moron would complain about the women at FOX, and the highest rated News programs in the world.

  • Billygoattincan

    Hey — where did anyone get the idea Roger Ailes is a sexist or sex harasser. The guy stocks FNC with just average looking womyn.

  • K Suscavage

    Not PC, but, well, true. We (not all but most) are too addicted to p#### and the media is mostly the reason. :( This is a sad truth. Don’t hate the messenger, plz.

  • Nathan Burks

    megyn kelly has legs like pencils

  • Matthew Torchiana

    Each and every one of those beautiful women and Fox News are college-educated, some have you been going on to get Masters or zadie’s in law. Shannon bream may just be one of the best looking women, former Miss America, that is on the Fox News channel. But don’t count Martha McCallum. She may be a few years older than some of the other girls on the channel but by far she’s the best looking woman to ever appear on the news.

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