True Detective’s Alexandra Daddario

So these past couple of days I decided to take Paris’ advice and catch up on HBO’s new series True Detective. Everything he said is absolutely right, great show I highly recommend it. That being said, he posted the blog on January 17th so I completely forgive him for not mentioning Alexandra Daddario. Where have I seen this girl before? I know that’s exactly what you’re thinking right now. Don’t worry I looked it up for you. She was Owen Wilson’s hot babysitter in Hall Pass, and if you were pathetic enough to go see Texas Chainsaw 3D you may remember her from some role in that. Also, if you’re a big Kelly Kapowski fan there’s no doubt in my mind they’re somehow related. Enough about the life of Alexandra Daddario though. If you still needed more convincing to check out True Detective, here’s where I do so…

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  • Kenny

    Fun fact: She was also in White Collar, which Tiffani Amber Thiessen (Kelly Kapowski) is a recurring on. So in a way they are related. BOOM.

    • Matt

      I knew it! Must be my sixth sense – thanks for the info Kenny.

  • Guest

    I knew it! Must be my sixth sense

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