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10 Tips to Become More Productive in Your Life

About The Guest Author: Stephanie Norman is a freelance writer and tutor from Sydney with for 4 years of experience. She is a professional in writing business, creative, and academic content. You can follow her at Facebook and Google+. In the 21st century, adults involuntarily dedicate their lives to work. Some stay at the office… Continue Reading


5 Tips To Grilling The Perfect Burger

Summer time is here and that can only mean one thing, it's time to fire up the grill. There is nothing better than cracking a few beers in the sun with a bunch of your friends and family while cooking meat over flames. It's as American as Bourbon and Apple Pie. In every group of… Continue Reading

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10 Quick Ways To Make Extra Money

As the weekend approaches, you may reach deep into your pockets only to find them filled with disgusting lint, instead of the fresh green mint. Money. It is the root of all evil and yet we pursue it so aggressively with the idea that it will improve our lives by removing the 'cost' barrier from anything… Continue Reading


Random Thoughts From A Bitter Man – June 15th

It's Monday and if you're like me you're looking for anything and everything to get you're mind off of the crappy work week lined up. You may have gone to brunch yesterday which then turned into a Sunday-Funday in preparation for the NBA Finals or maybe you caught a nice buzz to watch the season finale's of… Continue Reading

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Why Attending Industry Conferences For Work is The Biz-nezz

Throughout the year, many work disciplines will have specific conferences that are relevant for you. Obviously, work conferences provide several intangible benefits for your career growth including: enhanced learning, important social networking, and staying ahead of the curve on the latest industry trends. These can all help you become a better worker, which makes pitching… Continue Reading

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How To Keep A Beard In A Corporate Office

I like to do a little bearding from time-to-time. Actually I lied, I pretty much grow a beard all year long, but up until a few weeks ago I was missing a key part of doing it successfully. A part that made it difficult to keep growing my beard and feeling confident that I wouldn't… Continue Reading


What To Read At The Beach This Summer

It’s the time of year when people start heading to the beach, soak up some sun, play a little volley ball, dodge jelly fish and seaweed, you know the story.  Occasionally those full day adventures to the beach can become kind of boring.  It’s great to shut your mind off for a few hours and… Continue Reading


What’s On Kickstarter: GLASK

In my book Memorial Day weekend is officially the kick-off of summer, I have no interest in the actual recognized date. This is my personal start to the 'who gives a shit it's nice out' season. Along with that comes a depressing part of the sports world. Basketball and Hockey end, Football hasn't started and the only thing… Continue Reading

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Productivity Going Up On A Tuesday

It may or may not come as a surprise to you that the most productive day of the week is Tuesday. Drake knows it. The Squad knows it. I know it. And now most importantly, you know it. It shouldn't come as a surprise - Mondays are for getting back into the swing of things… Continue Reading

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Official Mount Rantmore Store Grand Opening!

As we close in on the one and a half-year mark of our website, we're proud to announce the grand opening of our store! Since we started this site, we always envisioned providing products -- mainly t-shirts -- that could be fashionable, clever and funny all at the same time. Now we can finally say that we've… Continue Reading

Our T-Shirt Store is Closed - Apologies!