10 Tips to Become More Productive in Your Life

About The Guest Author:
Stephanie Norman is a freelance writer and tutor from Sydney with for 4 years of experience. She is a professional in writing business, creative, and academic content. You can follow her at Facebook and Google+.

In the 21st century, adults involuntarily dedicate their lives to work. Some stay at the office for even more than 12 hours a day. Family and personal development are always on the second place. This happens because half of the individuals desperately need the money to survive and the other half is obsessed with building a career.

Below, we have come up with tips meant to help individuals live more efficiently, both at home and at work. Give them a try and observe the differences.

1. Manage your time


Time is the one physically constraining us to a limited number of activities per day. So, in order to make the best out of it, it is essential to start focusing on important things only. Briefly said, we must select and prioritize. For this purpose, the principle 80/20 is illustrative – choose to complete 20% of the tasks that solve 80% of the problems at hand. This also means avoiding multitasking. For instance, instead of dividing your attention to two different activities, choose to complete just one in less time. Then, when you are online, close all the unnecessary tabs that may distract you from the job.

2. Create a plan

Start the day with an essential list containing two columns: must do to things and activities that can be avoided, given up or postponed. Yes, it is important to realize what kind of tasks will just make us to waste time during all the day. Businessmen must make these decisions on the daily basis – they have to select the best activities for the company and not to get involved in other less productive projects. For example, Steve Jobs emphasized that Apple is what it is today especially due to the tasks they chose not to complete.

3. Evaluate yourself correctly

Let’s be honest – there are things that we cannot do as well as others. And when this happens, instead of losing time struggling to succeed, it’s better to ask for help. Here’s an example: when professors assign you tons of homework or a really complex paper that will take more than half of your studying time; or when you just know that you have no abilities to write a high quality cover or motivation letter or an impressive submission essay. In these situations the only way to get high score is to hire professional writers who can help you to complete the assignments. Delegate the work you are not an expert in and focus on what you are the best at. Thus, personal time will be well managed and at the end of the day, everything will be solved.

4. Health influences your productivity


Keep a sharp mind and a healthy body. Try to learn new things every day. This will keep the brain focused and you – ready to work on new tasks. Also, don’t ignore the physical shape either! Try to exercise at least 30 minutes every day. It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you choose as long as it warms up the body and increases the heart rate!

5. Mess leads to stress

Chaos keeps people from seeing clearly. Not to mention that a messy office or house decreases the concentrating capacity. Choose a cleaning day per and put everything in order both at work and at home. You will feel in great mood and more productive.

Don’t worry if cleaning is in your “not to do list” as a counterproductive activity. Just hire a cleaning service and do your high-priority tasks!

6. Realize your goal

Sometimes people lose sight of their original goals and focus on the wrong activities. This is why it is recommended to ask yourself regularly: Is my current activity going to help me reach my goal? If not, drop it and change the direction.

Additionally, project a visual image of the achieved goals. Do you like the results? Or they have to be improved? Keep a journal (traditional or online; Penzu, for instance) and note down completed tasks and accomplishments.

7. “Yes” is not always good

People want to accept everyone’s request for help, because they need to be liked. But it comes a point when one has so many demands, that helping others becomes impossible. Learn to select the task you want to complete and the extra activities that still have room in your day. In most cases, saying “no” will keep the productivity at a high level.

8. Do everything in advance


“Better late than never” is not an option for efficient people. Instead, you should try this: “better earlier than right on time”. Arriving in time for meetings means imposing yourself to be there at least 10 minutes earlier. Thus, you will arrive at the exactly stated hour, in the worst case scenario. When it comes to tasks’ deadlines, forget about the official ones and make a list with personal dates that are always one day in advance.

9. Leave time for yourself

The only reason we work so hard is to have a better life. This means actually taking some time off for personal entertaining. Choose whatever activity you like the most – sports, spa, reading, hobbies, achieving personal goals like learning how to ride a bike, daydreaming or just lazing in bed.

These will charge the body and mind with the necessary energy for the next round of intense work.

10. Level up yourself


Always struggle to go further and reach higher goals. Don’t get stuck in a certain professional or personal level. Set new goals and fight for them. Challenge yourself to overcome fears and narrow minded thoughts. Think big and always be an inspiration for those around you. Take the best out of every person you meet and build a state a well being for a happier life.

In conclusion, the key to an efficient, productive, and happy life is balance in everything you do. Use the tips above in order to learn how to organize your time, prioritize important tasks and delegate different projects. In the end, don’t forget to take good care of yourself through sports, entertaining activities and on-going personal development.

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