5 Ways To Avoid Annoying ‘Help My Cause’ Panhandlers

The title may mislead you to think that I'm a total prick and I am OK with that. I am not here to discredit this work that people do, referring to the enthusiasts who stand on crowded streets, spark up conversations with strangers, and ultimately try to raise awareness (or get you to commit X amount of money)… Continue Reading


I Want Donald Trump To Be President

As you know, the Donald has thrown his hat in the ring for a Presidential bid.  It's quite the first step as he dives head first into the deep end of the political waters instead of getting his feet wet with a smaller position.  If nothing else the Presidential race just got a whole lot… Continue Reading

Why Your Company Structure Fits The Feudalism Pyramid thumbnail

Why Your Company Structure Fits The Feudalism Pyramid

So one of three things happened that got you here. The first is you clicked a picture on Google, which left you on this page wondering what the hell is going on. The second is you're a history buff and want to see what ludicrous idea you need to shoot down via a smart-ass comment. The… Continue Reading


An Ode To The Clueless Bastards

Once in a while, it's good to release your anger in the form of a poem, the lost art of expression. Last year, while dealing with stomach problems, we did an Ode to the Stomach Growl. A few days later, my stomach issues were cleared and my anger levels were lowered immediately. In a similar fashion, I'd… Continue Reading

The 4th of July Rant List thumbnail

The 4th of July Rant List

July 4th is a celebration of all things American, barbecues, red white and blue everything, guzzling American beers.  Few things are more American than exercising your first amendment right.  So that's exactly what we've decided to do.  Time to celebrate our freedom of speech with some good old fashion ranting. 1. Portugal should be part… Continue Reading

south park customer service

Frigidaire Sucks: A Pathetic Customer Service Story

Frigidaire sucks. Their customer service sucks. Their products suck. Their inability to communicate on a personal level sucks. I never thought I could hate such an abstract appliance company so much, but the way Frigidaire treats its customers is beyond disgusting. If you are renovating your kitchen or considering buying any appliance for your residence… Continue Reading

The Ocean Is A Terrible Place thumbnail

The Ocean Is A Terrible Place

Sorry for the graphic photo but I need it to help prove my point.  This little fella washed up on the shore of Wildwood, NJ this past week.  That hits pretty close to home seeing as how I visit Wildwood with my family every summer.  An expert has determined this was the work of a… Continue Reading

How To Get Rid Of Cigar Breath thumbnail

How To Get Rid Of Cigar Breath

Warm weather is back and it's summertime in the Northeast. That means going south on the highway during the weekend sucks, BBQs are a weekly occurrence and mosquitoes are here to ravage our legs. It also means it's time to break out the cigars again. Over the past few weekends I've made it a habit… Continue Reading

Hyperthetical: The Brain Pill thumbnail

Hyperthetical: The Brain Pill

I must preface this by saying this hypothetical comes courtesy of my favorite author Chuck Klosterman, who has a deck of cards called Hypertheticals.  I wish I could say I came up with this, however all of the credit for this goes to Mr. Klosterman (all of his books are must read if you want some… Continue Reading

8 Things You’re Definitely Going To Encounter Memorial Day Weekend thumbnail

8 Things You’re Definitely Going To Encounter Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a phenomenal time of the year. For kids and teachers it means summer is right around the corner. For college student's summer is already here but it's another excuse to party your tits off. For adults it's an extra day or hopefully two away from that godforsaken place you need to… Continue Reading

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