3 Conversation Ending Texts

annoying text messages

Texting has completely changed the way that we communicate with people. It turned a hand written letter into the most genuine form of appreciation. It helped spread and expand an already growing “instant messenger” language – LOL, LMAO, and so on. And last but certainly not least, it did wonders for the booty call.

Despite all of those positive things (outside of expanding a language of abbreviated nonsense), text messaging also has it’s flaws. For instance it takes three times as long to make simple plans and you’re often caught in meaningless conversations with people that you used to only have to talk to at social gatherings. Not only that, but it’s very easy to misinterpret a text message, especially since you can read it in whatever tone you think the other person is sending your way.

I personally tend to misinterpret messages from time to time, but there are three messages that I definitely understand very clearly – all of which mean “We’re done here”.

Batman GIF

1. OK

I find “OK” to be one of the most frustrating text messages to get from anyone. It’s not very different from “alright”, “yup” or “sure” but it just seems to be more of a “yeah, alright, I’ll do it, now fuck off” type response. It seems very short, the way you would answer your parents or boss when they tell you do something you don’t want to. Maybe I’m wrong, but either way, I read it as “OK, I’m done with this convo.” You’ve left me nothing to respond to and clearly have no desire to continue our current conversation.

2. Haha

Just like “OK”, “Haha” is very short and let’s be honest, you’re most likely not laughing. In fact, you’re probably sitting on a toilet somewhere browsing twitter in between responses. You’ve once again left us with nothing to respond to and let us know that our joke was shit (not always a bad thing – you may have saved us from recycling it a few more times).

As for the fuckers that leave me hanging with a “Haha”, I kind of feel like pulling a Joe Pesci from Goodfellas on you:

3. Any standalone emoji

Until they invent an emoji that’s indicating I’ll be getting a bj later, any standalone smiley face indicates to me that you have nothing to say. I give you a compliment and you respond with a smiley face – thanks for giving me something to work with. I’m not sure if you think I’m filled with great things to say about you or if you’re just struggling with how this whole conversation thing works, but you can take that thumbs up and shove it. I’ll talk to you when you can piece thoughts together and compose sentences.

Good Job

Of course there are exceptions to any rule, but 99% of the time, take the hint, your texting partner has decided that your conversation is shit.

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