How Every Work Conference Call Unfolds (in GIFs)

If you work a 9-5 job for a fairly large organization or agency, then chances are that you have been on one of those awkward, meaningless conference calls where half of the attendees are taking the call remotely. When you have remote attendees, things typically take a turn for the worse because you can’t read the body language of the room, hear everything that’s being said, understand who is talking when, are constantly interrupted by static or people who forget to hit the mute button, etc. Note: I am not discrediting the invention of online or video conference calls…I actually think it is an amazing technology if used correctly. However, I do think the general public or college students about to delve into the business world understand how a typical conference call unfolds.

2 Minutes Before The Call

nervous gif

Everyone Introduces Themselves

hate talking to people gif

The Meeting Begins & Discussion Occurs

im bored gif

Someone Reveals Their Best Idea Ever

kobe not impressed gif

Connection Drops & Static Sounds

dont call me at work gif

Passionate Employee Won’t Let Anyone Else Talk

everyone shut up gif

Someone Interrupts Them & Questions Why We Need This Meeting

get your popcorn ready TO gif

Someone Then Drops Your Name

you talk to me gif

You Add Immediate Value to the Heated Debate

anchorman yelling gif

Let’s All Make A Decision

sure why not gif

The Conference Call Ends Early*

rock impressed gif

There you go, aspiring businessperson. The essences of the conference call has been revealed although typically the conference call DOES NOT end early (*only ideal scenarios).

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