3 QB Story Lines Leading Into Week 15

Johnny Manziel’s Debut

johnny football starting qb

The most talked about rookie, who has barely played more than 1 offensive series, is making his debut start for a playoff contending team this weekend. Yup, as we all know, the former Heisman trophy winner will be leading the offense against the division rivals, Cincinnati Bengals. I’m already envisions The Red Zone channel overplaying this game, and showing breaking plays such as Johnny’s first pass attempt. Circus show aside, I think this will be an entertaining event for all NFL football fans.

The best thing about this debut? I have absolutely NO idea how it’s going to play out. I could see Johnny coming on the field throwing 2 INTs, running for 8 yards, and getting knocked out of the game with a concussion. Alternatively, I could see him going off for 300 yds, 2 pass TDS and 2 rush TDS – doing the Manziel Money sign after every big play. What makes this even more intriguing, it’s an important game. The Browns are 7-6, have a legitimate defense, and are in a tight race with the other 3 teams in their division. Johnny couldn’t have been asked to come in at a more important time.

My thoughts? Johnny Football is going to have a mediocre performance in a close win. I see a few mistakes but also a few glimpses of greatness. My hopes? He goes off and shuts everyone up – there are so many haters before he’s even had a chance to start a game. He’s a proven college QB – give him a chance to play before you talk about how over-hyped he is. I’m confident that he’ll play well enough to be a fantasy starter…Yup, you read that correct. Right now, he’s my guy in my semi-finals championship match (he beat out some real tough competition like Kaepernick & Fitzpatrick).

Can Tony Romo Prevail When it Matters Most?

tony romo seattle fail

I’m smart enough to not start any quarterback debate with, “Tony Romo is an elite QB,”. But I am smart enough to recognize talent when I see it and Tony Romo has all of the requirements to become an elite NFL QB (mobility, accuracy, arm strength, NFL IQ, etc.). However, the one monumental road block preventing Romo from hitting that superstar status is his clutch gene. We all know the infamous holding debacle in Seattle a few years back and how he somehow finds the worst time to turn the ball over in critical NFC East games to make the playoffs.

Two things remain true. 1) Tony Romo is a solid quarterback and has been playing his ass of this season. 2) That doesn’t matter. He will continue to be judged on how he performs when it matters most (and rightfully so). That is why, as much as I hate Eli Manning, I can never say a bad word about him because he dominated in both of his Super Bowl runs.

Will Tony Romo cross that bridge this weekend in a critical NFC East match-up for sole possession of 1st place in the division? Or will he fall short, yet again? Either way, it’s going to be one hell of a show.

Fantasy Unpredictability

peyton manning sad face

I’m really interested to see how QBs perform in a critical fantasy week, with the semi-finals underway.  Last week was a big curve ball at the quarterback position:

  • Peyton Manning put up a whopping 3pts – the worst performance of any starter not injured. He broke his 51 game streak of throwing at least 1 TD pass in a game.
  • Cam Newton flourished as the top performing QB – seriously, Cam has been awful this year and he comes out and dominated in the first round of the playoffs. Also, best wishes to Cam after his car accident.
  • Derek Carr outperformed both of the Mannings, Luck, Romo, Brady, Brees, Tannehill, and Rivers…among many others.
  • Resurgence of Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, and Andy Dalton (2, 3, and 7 ranked QB in week 14 respectively).
  • The only thing that remained consistent is Aaron Rodgers’ high quality performance.

What will happen this week? No Idea but at the rate things are going I’m guessing Kaepernick will go for 40 against Seattle and Tony Romo will put up another dud performance against the Eagles.

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